Make your projects sound the best

Tao & Sound means high quality music, sound environment and sound effects. We also design the audio needs of your project and how it all has to be implemented. We're used to critical deadlines and we work side by side with our customers, facilitating communication and ensuring a fast and remarkable result.

We work for a large number of customers, offering high quality audio service and support, mainly but not only, in game sector since more than 7 years ago. Managing and producing, we count with our music composer/sound designer Fernando del Pueyo and his more than 17 years of experience in different music contexts. From Rock and Punk to Orchestral, Jazz, Electronic, Fusion, Folk, Blues and World, from bands to games soundtracks, his range is truly impressive.

We are the producers of Evil Mind's well-known audio assets achieving a best seller status with our wide catalogue of game assets packages published at the best asset stores such as Unity Asset Store or Unreal Marketplace; we're still supporting them and creating new professional audio solutions while focusing on custom music and audio services.

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